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About Us

New Ren Yang ENTERPRISE CORP.  was founded in 1982. At first, we specialized in designing and manufacturing induction motors, and then we expanded to construction tool machines: tile saws, floor strippers, various hand tools and then we started working on the design and creation of the Bravoprodigy mini CNC routers.
Our motto is creativity and additional value, our mission is to satisfy our customers’ needs with perfect quality, lower costs, higher efficiency, better responsiveness and progressive technology. Our solid R&D team always struggles to differentiate the products and service to meet the marketing trends and constantly keep ourselves updated in the industry.
We offer quality integrated OEM/ODM service to our clients as well.
Our Philosophy
1. Quality is not an act but a habit.
2. Continuous improvements and endless creativity.
3. Absolute honesty and responsibility.
4. Customer satisfaction is our supreme priority.
Bravoprodigy stands out as the role model for mini CNC machinery. With great creativity and sustainable developments, we are a great companion that customers and society can trust.