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The engraving operation stops suddenly, when computer goes to sleep / hibernate / hybrid sleep mode.


You should turn off “sleep”, “hibernate” and “hybrid sleep” mode in your computer before engraving, or this will affect engraving operation.


While installing the CNC software, there should be the message as shown below, disabling the software to be set up normally.



The message means the UAC(User Account Control) setting in the Operating System (Windows 7、Windows 8 & vista) hasn’t been set to its lowest. Please look at the settings in the manual ,and then right click on the software file and install it as the administrator.


How come I can’t import G-code into the CNC software.


Please confirm1. that the filename extension of the imported file is .

tap2. the file name does not contain special characters or characters your system

Does not support 3. The path to the opened file does not contain special characters Or characters the system does not support.


The machinery can’t be connected to the PC.


Please confirm 1. That there’s no problem with the power supply units 2. the emergency switches are on 3.the fuse isn’t damaged 4. Or reopen The Bravoprodigy CNC software.


Changing fuses.


Press the fuse cover forward tightly and switch it counterclockwise at the same time, After the fuse cover isn’t taken out, replace it with the other fuse with the same specifications from the same manufacturer, and press the fuse cover forward and switch it clockwise.


The handheld controller doesn’t work.


1. Restart the CNC software 2.Change the USB port 3.make sure it’s the English input


Part of the arts were missing on the surface of the cut material.


1. It was possible caused by the unevenness of the material itself, better If you set the original point on the thicker point ,then something like this can happen, The original point should be set on the lowest point on the surface of the material.


During the engraving, there’s a spit-through on the material.


1.chances are, the cut depth plus the offset is larger than the thickness Of the material itself.
2. the object probably wasn’t placed properly on the table, causing the Thicknest to be uneven.
3. the transmission belt is broken, if so, please change the belt.


The plastic material to be cut is melting during the engraving


The melting during the process of engraving probably has much to do with The SPINDLE SPEED or FEED RATE settings, it can happen when the values are Too large or too small. Please be sure to switch the values up or down. When something like this happens, please stop cutting immediately, And see if there’s clots on it, please take down the cutting tools the way it’s described in the manual, and clean out the clots on the cuttings tools carefully, and then put the cutting tool back on.


Displacement of the image on the material during the engraving.


This can happen when the FEED RATE is too high.


The clamps loosen during the engrainvg.


If the clamps aren’t tightened properly before the engraving, it might Loosen during the engraving process. If something like this happens, please Stop working and have the object fixed once again.


The signals on the three axis.


Please check the machine to see which axis has reached the micro switch, please take the axis away from the limit.


During the engraving process, there’s woodwool stuck around the cutting tool.


A. While carving on wooden material, sometimes due to the grain of the material,
B. The excelsior can’t be cut off completely, you should stop engraving when this
C. Happens, and take away the wood wool on the object that’s too long, or else
D. The wood wool would get the cutting tool stuck and cause malfunction to happen.


When the artwork is done, how come there’s stripes on the surface.


1. It could be the distance settings on the EDIT software, especially When it exceeds the maximum distance.
2. It could be the FEED RATE being too high, disabling the cutting tool From cutting perfectly well.
3. It could be the slider on the Z axis, not being smooth enough, Please take some industrial alcohol and clean the slider.
4. It could be the cutting tool that wasn’t fixed enough.
5. The cutting tool probably wasn’t sharp enough.