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How do I engrave 3D models ? 


Here, we would like to introduce you the software which is produced from Vectric Company. If you would like to use BravoProdigy engraver to engraver 3D models
We strongly recommend the software and website as below

Vectric    offer very good software such as Cut2D, Cut3D, etc. BravoProdigy engraver can create lots of 3D models by Cut2D software and make some singboards by Cut3D. If you can use the software such like 3ds Max, SolidWorks, etc. You just need to save your file as STL format or any other supported format, and then load it into Cut3D software to transfer it to G-Code. Finally, you just need to load the G-Code to BravoProdigy's CNC software to engrave it. The procedures are really simple and easy. Do you want to try it ? Do not hesitate to use the trial software on Vectric's website. If you have any  problems, please leave your message on "contact us" or email us.

Vector Art 3D If you are not a professional graphic designer,no worries. Vector Art 3D is a excellent website for high quality 3D models. It offers a lot of 3D model products such as signage, furniture,gifts etc. And you can download their free model viewers so you can preview all the designs in 3D and then what you need to do is to choose the 3D model you want and purchase it. After you purchase the 3D model, you just need to use the same steps as above to engrave it.


Where can i get grayscale graphic pictures?


There are many ways to get the grayscale graphics from Internet. 

You can download the grayscale pictures from our website. We had already provided variey grayscale on VIP ZONE and Download area.

We categorized our VIP ZONE to three main parts which are wood, frame and acrylic separately. You can download the grayscales pictures you like and use Bravoprodigy Engraver to engrave it.

In addition, we also recommend that you can go to the website below to get more grayscale pictures.

GANTRY COMPANY GRAYGRAPHICS It provide the finest 3D Grayscale Graphics to the engraving industry since 1994.

NIPIC Provide various of Grayscale Picture package. Provide various designed Grayscale Pictures.