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Module Impact Dot Peen



Bravoprodigy impact dot peen is modularized, quick installation, and dismantling, the impact dot peen is suitable for our upgraded (expandable) machines. It can apply to nameplates、creative works、metal tags and etc.

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1. Suitable materials: brass, copper, gold, silver, steel, stainless steel, aluminum, various plastics.
2. Ready to use, easy to operate.
3. The vibration frequency can be adjusted.

Engraving method: Impact type (Vibration frequency adjustable)

Bravoprodigy Engraving Machine- Model BE2216- Impact Dot Peen SBbga3RqyI8 Bravoprodigy Engraving Machine- Model BE3000- Impact Dot Peen nYIAP7cCl60