BC200L / BC250Description

The Desktop Cylinder CNC router/engraving machine with a rotating axis Y which is screw-driven with high positioning accuracy and stability specializes in carving cylinder or cubic workpieces, can even mill irregularly shaped workpieces into a cylinder. Generally used in small or medium woodworking projects, ornaments, furniture, and commodities. The software also comes with hundreds of sample images.  It is suitable to engrave with acrylic and ABS, plastic, wood, foam, wax model, styrofoam, EVA foam, epoxy, rubber, soft metals, PCB, etc… The machine is compatible with most format files and CAM software. As for milling and 3D modeling, this will be a must model.  

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1. Spindle adopts brushless DC (BLDC) motor: mini, lightweight, high efficiency, low temperature,
no carbon brush friction, no need for carbon brush maintenance, with overload,
overheating, overvoltage protection, and longer motor lifetime.

2. With LED light, easy to observe art piece, and make it technological.

1. With Bravoprodigy exclusive photo engraving software EDIT and CNC control software.

2. Vivid interface, easy to learn, and see instant preview during engraving and able to modify operation. Users can control the machine by using a mouse keyboard and controller as long as to use the USB cable to connect.

3. Membership: free charge, enjoy professional consulting service and free resources such as gallery and so on.

1. A highly compatible control system that supports other CAM software.
2. It can record the last 10 project records, including file name, feedrate, spindle speed,
and duration of using the machine.
3. Users can see the duration of operating the spindle.
4. Users can determine the line to continue the unfinished work from the last point on the same workpiece, which can save the user’s time and materials.
5. It can record the last reference point, to avoid power outage, and users can track the last reference point after power’s back.
6. Users can manually control the action of three axes and operate spindle.
7. The spindle can adjust RPM according to the different materials for better engraving results.
8. Convenient design in the software, just input the diameter of the cylinder, the program is automatically calculated and applied to the real machine engraving.


1. ER-11 collet chuck set, able to fit with smaller diameters tool bits.
2. Modular function, easy to repair and maintain.
3. All cables wrapped inside the case, not only attractive appearance but also safety.
4. Large working area, screw-driven with good accuracy. Big horsepower, able to engraving with various materials.
5. Optional for the anti-dust box.

Including with:
1. Fixed thimble to fix with different kinds of wood.
2. Jaw chuck to fix various of materials stably.
3. Controller, easy to move three axes when setting the working point.
4. The machine communication method uses a USB cable to connect the computer easily and quickly.
5. ER-11 collet chuck set, able to fit with smaller diameters tool bits.

1. Three axes include the limit switches to prevent a collision.
2. Multiple protective mechanisms (such as overload protection, power supply, and fuse) to protect circuit board and machine from damage.
3. Certification of CE and CUL.

Model BC250
Table Load Weight 10 KG (22.05 lbs)
Engraving Area

Z-Axis: 100 mm (4 inches)
X-Axis: 500 mm (20 inches)

Maximum turning diameter

Ø 200 mm

Clamping Tool

Plum Blossom Thimble
4-Jaw lathe chuck

Max.Engraving Speed 2,500 mm/min ( 98 inches/min )
Engraving Material

Plastic ( ABS, Acrylic ), Wood, Foam, Styrene foam,
Modeling Wax, Epoxy Tooling Board...etc

Software Resolution 0.02 mm (0.001 inch)
Mechanical Resolution 0.02mm (0.001 inch)
Spindle Motor 350W Brushless DC Motor
Spindle Speed

The spindle speed is adjustable.
Also, the maximum spindle speed is 20,000 RPM.

Tool Diameter

ER11 Collet: 3, 4, 6 mm

Interface USB
Power Supply 100~120V 50/60HZ
Output: DC24V 14.6 A)
200~240V 50/60HZ
Output: DC24V 14.6 A)
Power Consumption 6.8 A 3.4 A
Machine Size

880 x 376 x 610 mm
( 34.6× 14.8 × 24 inches)

Net Weight 60 kgs ( 132 lbs )